Happy Would-be Sixth Birthday to Me

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Daily Prompt: LEAP


Borrowed from leapingelephants.com

I was supposed to be born today (24 years ago).

Happily, I wasn’t. If I had been, every time someone asked me when my birthday was, I would have been like “Feb 29” and they would have been like “WHAT HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU’RE LIKE 5 YEARS OLD” which is both annoying and completely untrue.

So – my deepest sympathies to those who share my would-be birthday. Luckily I came early and I don’t have to deal with this nonsense.

Unless you like it.

It’s like that thing where children given unusual names have really different life experiences. Now, I’ve never met another three, personally, but it’s not such a weird name that people are all “PFFFFFFTTTTTT” when they  meet me. But if you do have one of those names, I think you grow up a little differently.

Whereas kids with really common names (looking at you, Michaels) will have gotten used to being known as Michael C. and Michael R. and Michael S. and whatever else in elementary school. Unless there was a Michael, a Mike, and a Mikey or something.

So, in honour of Leap Day, I want to take a moment to think about all of those people who are forced to have something stand out about them, by circumstances outside of their control – which makes people act incredibly obnoxious around them.

May you have a day of peace.

One thought on “Happy Would-be Sixth Birthday to Me

  1. Oh, people with regular names. Yours will never be mispronounced, or questioned. I feel your pain!

    I have to say I randomly stumbled across this blog and I love, love, love! Looking forward to reading more.


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