My Paint Adventures

Ah, the days of my university career. I used to be even less productive than I ermam now. I spent most of my time eating snacks in front of the computer surfing the net for stuff about nerd culture.

And sometimes I spent time on paint drawing really fast pictures of stuff. Like this Harry Potter fanart.

hagrid and baby norbert

That’s. Just.

I remember how I deliberately made Hagrid’s oven mits magenta because it just seemed right. I stand by that decision today.

harry, ron, and hermione watch norbert hatch

Yeah, I remember the days when I used to say “lolol”

But mostly Paint was good for random drawing of the solar system.

Here we have a giraffe in “Africa” who is so tall you can see him from space. Same goes for that Martian. And for good measure I put the great pyramid. And Atlantis. And Atlantis’s reflection.

giraffe on the planet earth

Then I did this one with Raffi lyrics, and that Martian made an appearance again. I actually had to google the lyrics of Aikendrum so that the man living in the moon would be correct. Spaghetti hair, meatball eyes, pizza mouth, cheese nose. I guess his ladle wasn’t important enough for me to include.


And they say youth is wasted on the young.

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