Fairies, Trolls, & Magic All Around.

Awww, sometimes we all need the “cloyingly sweet!”

C.M. Blackwood

Sometimes, we all need a little magic. As for me — well, I’m customarily in need of a LOT of magic. I’ve watched Don Bluth’s A Troll in Central Park twice this week. The film is, apparently, “widely considered to be Bluth’s worst film.”


I don’t get it. TV Guide said that the movie is “pastel-pretty and cloyingly sweet,” and that it’s “strictly for the youngest members of the movie-going audience.”

Hmmm. I guess I’m not very mature! Oh, well.

The movie’s about a troll named Stanley, who gets kicked out of Queen Gnorga’s kingdom for growing flowers with his green thumb. He lands in Central Park, befriends two young children, and eventually ends up having to save them from the evil Gnorga.


It’s a beautiful movie. Perhaps, you won’t agree with me. Perhaps you’ll agree with TV Guide, and say that it’s “cloyingly sweet.”

But I like things like that. They…

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