We are Bad at Microfiction

We are the worst.

You’ve heard of microfiction: really short stories. Sometimes as short as one or two sentences, like this post on Reddit. Or this awesome magazine.

We tried it – we went for the two sentence horror story thing, even though we’re terrible at being concise. So it didn’t really work out. But here are the results.


How was that? Did we get you?

Okay, try this one on for size.



This next one will have you on the edge of your seat. It’s so suspenseful.


Yikes! Are we doing it? Did we scare you?

This one will hit close to home…


Are we doing this right?

Here’s something more sadistic!

Kill Someone

Are you scared yet? We are!

This one will REALLY blow you away, though.


Oh no!

This next one is kind of derivative.



Thought so.

What about this – is this right?


Based on a true story, we swear! It happened to a friend of a friend of ours. (Actually it happened to us.)

Okay, this one will give you tech-age heeby jeebies (how tf do you spell that)



This is just gross:


Okay, this is the last one.

Let us know if we did this properly. We need affirmation about our microfiction skills!


Seriously, though, people who can actually write this stuff are champions.

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