Preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo

NaNo copy

So, I’ve decided against my better judgement to do this again.

I’ve won NaNo before, so I remember exactly how tough it is to finish. But I have no excuse not to because my Regular Job is a Regular Job and isn’t going anywhere and I have to somehow write anyway, don’t I? No?

I have a sort-of idea. I’m trying to flesh it out using the Snowflake Method. It’s my first time trying it, so we’ll see. Being well-planned may interrupt my process, or it may help it.

So hopefully I at least have that ready to go by April 1.

I’ll also be using Scrivener since they offer a free trial to NaNo writers, and if I like it I’ll buy it because I have sooo much money to spend on things that don’t help me earn any money because let’s be realistic but anyway, I’m going to do these things, so shhhhhh.

Here is a list of things I want to do before the onslaught begins:

  • Put the story outline in Excel (I heart excel because I am an Accountant!Writer)
  • Put the Excel story outline in Scrivener because that’s actually what it’s for
  • Finish thorough character sheets for the people

Wish me luck.

6 thoughts on “Preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo

  1. Good luck! I’m going for a (much shorter) story my first time around. The snowflake method is very interesting – might try it out for size. 🙂 I get the feeling I do it the other way round; that is, I start from the scenes I’m most interested in and then try to work out how to stick them together. (it hasn’t worked so far, although that’s mainly because I keep getting distracted by other things! :P)


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