CrossCountry Canada

(image from Vice’s review)

It was always a good day at school when our teachers would inform us that for today’s geography/civics/computer class, we’d be playing CrossCountry Canada.

We’re three years apart, but the curriculum stayed relatively similar over those years in terms of teachers relying on this game to teach us how Canada works. And how driving works.

Nobody complained, of course. This game was a lot of fun, mostly because we were left to our own devices and had to learn all of the cool things we could do on our own, like listening to weather reports, eating at restaurants, sleeping in hotels or just in the truck, speeding, etc.

Did we learn anything? Well, mostly we learned a lot about rephrasing, as whoever that is that we were inputting commands at barely understood anything.

But there are worse ways to teach geography.

Would recommend this Let’s Play if you’ve got twenty minutes to spend looking at what Canadian kids learned in school. NSFW, but as Let’s Plays go it’s relatively harmless. And it ends funnily. Spoilers.

Go play!

One thought on “CrossCountry Canada

  1. I am literally howling with laughter up here in Canada. I have never seen this before (maybe I was too young?) but it brought back so many memories of the box-like computers we used to have in the classrooms at my elementary school. We were always fighting over who got to play “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” But I live in Toronto, so maybe we weren’t too concerned with what the rest of Canada looked like. (Which, by the way, is depicted totally accurately in this game. We’ve just got beavers and prairies for miles.)


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