Camp Update

NaNo copy

Happy Saturday cats and kittens.

I meant to post a NaNo update last Saturday, but I was too busy writing. So… that’s good?

Anyway, I wasn’t able to write on Friday because working on personal projects while at my job goes against my employment contract. Such an inconvenience. But on Saturday and Sunday I got a fair bit of writing done, and got well ahead of the game. Success!

I started the week with 12,349 words. Well ahead of schedule!

I also got involved in Word Sprints again, which was fun because the #NaNoHouseCup is amazing and I was repping Ravenclaw, which is obviously going to win.

Then the week started and I fell off the wagon.

Now I have a migraine and a lot of Work Work to do today. I’ll probably flip between writing and accounting because those two activities TOTALLY compliment each other right?

Tomorrow I planned to have a Write-In with my friend the book nerd, and I joked that I was going to do a #10k1day with her, but it turns out I actually have to do that because my job isn’t getting any less busy and I can’t exactly go to my boss like “hey I know you want to move me up in this company but can it wait a month so I can write a novel that won’t earn me any money? Thanks.”

So, Wrimos, I’m off to not write and do some Work Work and drink some coffee. See you all on the other side.

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