Game of Thrones: Season 6 Predictions


Season 6 of Game of Thrones comes out on Sunday night. It’s time to find out if Jon’s really dead, what happens to Dany and the Dothraki, and whether R+L=J is true, among (many) other things.

Since the show is (more or less) caught up to the books, even ASOIAF readers like ourselves get to join in on the prediction fun this time around. Call it a consolation prize for not already having Winds of Winter. Let’s have a prediction-fest about all of our favourite characters.


  • Is he dead?
    • No, he is not
  • Will he be resurrected this season?
    • Yes, by Mel
  • What’s next for Jon?
    • He will learn his parentage from Howland Reed and brood about it

The Wall

  • Is that wall coming down?
    • Hell yes that wall is coming down
  • How long will it take those shambling grotesques to take that wall down?
    • Probably 8.75 episodes


  • Will she die?
    • No
  • What’s next for Arya?
    • She will leave the House of Black and White and return to Westeros to finish her list


  • Will she die?
    • No
  • What about the Dothraki?
    • Drogon eats them
  • Then what?
    • She has to go to Old Valyria according to that one prophecy
  • … Then what?
    • Judging by how long it takes her to do things, probably nothing.


  • Will she die?
    • No
  • What’s next for Sansa?
    • Queen in the North/Littlefinger-Slayer/Davos becomes her Hand of the Queen


  • Will he die?
    • Yes, before the opening credits
  • Okay, but seriously though.
    • He has to die this season, probably horribly, and we can’t wait.


  • Will he die?
    • No, but the dragons will try
  • What’s next for Tyrion?
    • He will mess up Meereen and then rage quit


  • Will he die?
    • YES.
  • When?
    • Can’t happen soon enough.


  • Will she die?
    • No
  • What’s next for Brienne?
    • She will be reunited with Jaime and then sell him out to a certain reincarnated badass, we hope.


  • Will he die?
    • No
  • What’s next for Drogon?
    • Eating tasty Dothraki
  • Then what?
    • Enjoying fine music in Old Valyria

Mormont’s Raven

  • Will he die?
    • No, especially since he’s not in the show
  • What’s next for Mormont’s Raven?
    • While everyone is busy fighting he will secretly run Westeros


  • Will she die?
    • Yes, but only after “gold their shrouds” comes true. Sorry, Tommen.
  • How does she die?
    • Probably Jaime but we’re gunning for Rickon (mainly because he’d be in the show again). Valonqar time.


  • Will he die?
    • Please, God, no.
  • What’s next for Ghost?
    • Join a band with Dolorous Ed as the drummer


  • Will he die?
    • No
  • What’s next for Bronn?
    • He will cease to be a character, we hope

Grey Worm and Missandei

  • Will they die?
    • No
  • What’s next for them?
    • Hopefully no creepy sex scenes because that’s where we’re headed


  • Will he die?
    • No
  • What’s next for Theon?
    • Becomes the Greyjoy King which is a low honour at best


  • Will she die?
    • Yes
  • How will she die?
    • The Faith will inadvertently cause it


  • Will he die?
    • No
  • What’s next for Varys?
    • He will become a Pro-Targ villain


  • Will we get mad about lots of things?
    • YES. Namely about how annoying it is that the featured image for this post is a gif

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