Three doesn’t watch this show or read the books so it is I, erm, the humble thief. Proceed.

The Shannara Chronicles has been renewed for a second season which, I suppose, is a good thing. The evolution of Bandon (a decidedly show-only character) was actually interesting and unsettling to watch, at the very end. It also mirrors Brooks’ tendency to explore the battle between good and evil in any particular character, which is always more interesting than just accepting that demons are demons and their only goal is to ruin everyone else’s day. My favourite take on this from Brooks is the Knight of the Word series, and Nest Freemark in particular. I would LOVE to see that one adapted live action, and I do kind of think an MTV series would be a decent medium to get the job done.

But there are no plans for that so more Shannara is going to have to suffice.

Another thing I enjoyed about the season finale was the show admirably not balking at turning Amberle into the Ellcrys, so I got to see the hero-moment I’d been waiting for since reading the book at age 13 or so. Eretria got to be a hero too which I was very happy about, because she was pretty useless in the book.

But now Eretria is with the trolls, and has seen something shocking which we will have to wait until next year to discover. I’m not interested. I don’t remember the trolls from the book, apart from the time they showed up to help my queen Wren fight the Federation in The Talismans of Shannara which would also make a good live-action show/movie. But not on MTV. Sorry.

I know what happens in the future concerning Will and Eretria and I’m almost positive that we’re nowhere near that yet, so season 2 won’t be Wishsong. But maybe season 3?

If season 2 isn’t beholden to book plot at all, I have no idea what to expect. Still, I am mostly convinced that it will actually turn out better than season 1 since there won’t be the book conveniently sitting on my bookshelf, ready to help me make all of those comparisons which turn out unfavourably for the show because high fantasy, it is not.

Which is, again, why Knight of the Word would have been the better choice for a Brooks adaptation. I’m sure MTV is listening.

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