3 Days, 3 Quotes: Day 2

So that amazing artwork that you see there is the Golden Trio reimagined, by peaceofseoul who is incredible.

Setting aside incredible artwork, we’re on day 2 of 3 Days, 3 Quotes, as we were nominated by Jordan Bates (here’s her awesome Day 2 post). And for today, it’s a Ron quote:

“‘I’m not going to take any rubbish from Malfoy this year,’ he said angrily. ‘I mean it. If he makes one more crack about my family, I’m going to get hold of his head and —’ Ron made a violent gesture in midair.”

We chose this quote not because we endorse violence, even in the fictional realm (unless you’re using it against Ramsay Bolton, then it’s all fair game), but because Ron is one of those characters that puts up with a lot more than he should have to. Poor Ron, he has it rough in his own universe and even rougher in ours. In HP he’s the sixth son of a poor family who’s best friends with the most famous baby survivor in the world and who eventually marries the top witch of every age. In our world he’s inexplicably hated by fans and the screenwriters/directors of the movie adaptations. We love him for exactly the reasons that (we think) people hate him: he’s vulnerable, emotional, self-conscious, and he lashes out sometimes at the wrong people and in the wrong ways. He’s relatable, in other words. His flaws are so easily recognizable because we all have those ones. We think some people see him and are repulsed by the uncanny mirror image JK Rowling wrote into this character, and others, like us, just kind of ache for him. But it’s all good because he survives and makes the most out of his life, and we’re pretty sure if he were real he’d just laugh at the haters because he faced his insecurities while they were magically welded to a piece of Voldie’s soul and he won, and exactly how many of us would have been able to do that?

We’ve all been where Ron is in this quote – we’ve all dealt with some bully or another who built themselves up by trying to tear us down. We’ve all felt that frustration. And while we shouldn’t Oberyn Martell those people, it’s OK for us to take a stand in culturally-acceptable ways.

Today we nominate some awesome chums:

All The Space Between

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