Adventures in The Sims 2

I (erm) once made a family of nuns. I think the reason I did this was because I was planning to orphan some Sim children and I wanted them to go and live in a nice little convent, so I needed the nuns. But before the orphaning could begin, first they had to get down to the real business.


The take home message is that I was a horrible interior decorator in this game.

Let’s move on to this guy. I did not make this guy. But I did make him a playable character.


He made some very expressive facial expressions.

Also this is exhibit B in my terrible interior decorating skills. Where’s all the art?


Those two (pictured above) bred, and one of their daughters started making stupid faces so I guess what I learned was that the tendency to make stupid facial expressions is an inheritable trait in the Sims 2.


I honestly have no idea what she could possibly have been so mad about.


Bathtubs and barbeques, huh?

I took the picture because I thought their cloud-watching skills were funny, but I actually remember what I was doing with these young women which might in fact be funnier. I had these two Sims that both had the “romance” orientation, so having 10 lovers at once scored a lot of points. But I wanted them to end up together, and breaking up with 20 different people seemed like too much work. So I scheduled two events: first, have all the girlfriends of that guy show up and cloud-watch until he came home and flirted, in front of them, with a random townie.


Then I did it again with the guys.

It was really funny watching 10 jaded lovers slap my Sims one by one.

But seriously why do all the clouds at Sim State look like bathtubs.


These ladies preferred to sleep in their underwear, so when people died before they got changed in the morning the visuals got a little weird.


Oh and I’m almost positive that this one didn’t die in her underwear, but she was resurrected in her underwear, so. OK.


Maybe I shouldn’t judge but I don’t think that’s the most appropriate face to make when surviving death.

(what is that wallpaper though)

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