The WORST College Roommate… in The Sims 2

erm had some bad roommates in her time, and sometimes was the bad roommate, if we’re being honest. But. I also had the pleasure of observing/interfering with probably the worst roommate ever via The Sims 2.


that face though


I can’t remember what his name was. In fact I’ll go so far as to declare that I don’t remember what any of my Sims’ names were, except the ones I made while I was trying to reenact It by Stephen King using The Sims. Which incidentally, was when I was playing these people.


See? That blond guy cheering for his school mascot llama while his house presumably burns down behind him is none other than Eddie Kaspbrak.

So why was that firewoman there?


This is the appropriate way to react when something in your house is on fire, right?


This happened because, without my benevolent guidance, he put a tofurky in the oven and then forgot about it.


Now as we all know, being near a fire seriously depletes your hygiene. I guess it’s the smoke? So buddy here, still not interested in his burnt AF tofurky, has a sponge bath in the kitchen sink WHEN THERE ARE ACTUAL SHOWERS IN THIS PLACE. MULTIPLE ONES.


He also broke that sink on an entirely different day. What is this guy.

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