Episode 6: Blood of My Blood


(including for a certain WoW preview chapter)

All Daenerys got to do this episode was talk about how Genghis Khan she is, which is cool for now, but we’re really starting to worry about our Westerosi favourites.

OK fine she also rode Drogon and won hearts and minds and it was awesome.

Sam’s family seems nice. Except for his dad, who, the episode bluntly points out, is really not all that much better than Craster (the worst father in ASoIaF). Seems pretty likely Sam’s going to stab his dad with that Valyrian steel but we hope Gilly gets to instead. This show doesn’t deserve her.

Well Tommen will now be a king beloved by the people… not the gay ones so much, but hey. Can’t tell if Marge is just trying to save Loras, herself, or planning something epic. Don’t see any of this ending well.

Brienne will be at war against Jaime NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Benjen returns as Coldhands!Benjen. Would have been better if he didn’t gratuitously make rabbit puree for Bran. Seriously, though, how many dead rabbits and other animals has this stupid show bought to display skinning/gutting/TERRIBLE TERRIBLE symbolism because EDGY? Stooooooop. No show is worth that. Just pay your CGI or props people more/better.

Arya made the right choice, but if she kills the Waif and not Jacquen then D&D are officially terrible. KILL THEM BOTH, ARYA! NOT JUST THE ONE WITH LADY PARTS!

“I blame the bad writing.” “Without you it’s just farts and crap.” Yeah! Without the efforts of some very talented actors (and whatever the Bravos version of digital artists is) this whole production would be worthless garbage! *Coughs awkwardly*

It definitely felt a little autobiographical, which would be too smart for them to have actually done on purpose and was probably just our perception of it. Weirdly, it reminded erm of the Mercy preview chapter where Mercy’s playing a girl who doesn’t have a name and only has like two lines and all she does is get raped, clearly for titillation purposes. And while reading that erm couldn’t help but feel like it was an intelligent little “take that” at HBO’s version – and maybe it wasn’t, but… it kind of felt like it was.

Because Georgie RR is kind of pervy, sure (the Arianne chapters uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh), but when he writes rape it’s never for titillation. Never. Maybe it’s to make us uneasy, which is often (always?) not a good enough reason to do it, but at least it’s not to fill the nudity quota.

Maybe it’s because this episode set up the next few episodes rather than accomplishing much that we’re feeling particularly critical, but there you are.


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