More Sims 2 Adventures

The best times of erm‘s life were reenacting It by Stephen King using The Sims 2. Well, the portions of my life I spent on The Sims, anyway. Now to virtually scrapbook some of the more interesting moments of that time.

Look at this:


Someone, someone talented, took the time to design Evil Clown makeup as a game modification. Why?

I mean, I used it. Obviously I didn’t take the time to download myself a nice clown suit for Pennywise but really, that face is all that matters. But apart from me, who out there wanted to play an evil clown Sim?


Read “Hiyuh Georgie!” in Tim Curry’s evil clown voice. Do it.

Now this:


This was the first time I saw this happen. If your astronomically-minded Sim looked through the telescope during daylight hours, often they’d end up spying on one of your other Sims, doing who knows what, and then somehow, after but a couple of minutes of your Sim being all “I shouldn’t be watching this but I just can’t stop,” the spied-upon Sim would show up and smack the spy around a bit.

Naturally I took this as an opportunity for seduction.


Yes. How romantic.

These ones are friends of Beverly’s:


That face in the back there is the face you make when your boyfriend gets rejected for trying to kiss your friend right in front of you. Like literally in the same room, with you not even doing anything that could even possibly distract you – though in The Sims as long as you’re on the property, you’ll notice the cheating, but, still. Who does that? Oh right. Me.

Muah ha ha ha.

This was not from my It days. I just liked how nonchalant everyone is about having both a fire truck and a UFO arriving at their house in the middle of the night.


Yeah the college mascots got really annoying, so I killed one of them. And apparently as ghosts they don’t ever change back into non-mascot wear, so:


Look at this:


I can’t get anyone in real life to pose this nicely for me!

And then, the streaking.


This cheerleader here hung around doing the school cheer, doing her homework, socializing at random, etc. But then my roommates started streaking and she was perpetually shocked by it for like two hours.


Dude you’ve been here for like ever. The best part is that judging by the layered thought bubbles there she’s reacting constantly to ALL of them all at once all the time.


Process your thoughts better, is all I’m saying.


OK this





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