Episode Eight: No One

We skipped Disney Day this week for a lot of reasons, but if our lives were like the characters’ lives in ASoIaF (and thank every entity ever that they’re not) the underlying thematic significance would be that we’re getting close to bastardbowl, and episode ten is looooooooooooooooooooming omg Cersei what are you going to do and why do we want you to do it soooooo baaaaaaadly

In summation: we can’t be happy until GoT recedes into the backs of our minds for another year because BAD THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN


Things we didn’t get to see:

  • Arya fighting against the Waif and actually killing her
  • The Blackfish getting killed (because… Great Blackfish Conspiracy? Is he heading for the Freys with a crack team of Tully loyalists? Probably not)
  • Daenerys doing something besides walking through a doorway

Things we did get to see:

  • Bronn prattling on. His dialogue was a rare shade of awful this week
  • Tyrion being an absolute shit to M and GW
  • Jaqen being like “Heeeey you’re finally no one” and Arya being like “Nope I’m Arya Stark” and Jaqen being like “… cool”

Things we probably won’t ever see:

  • Stoneheart
  • Cleganebowl (we’re cool with that actually. Thematically it doesn’t make sense for those two to fight for Cersei’s life.)
  • Bronn dying horribly

Things we’re going to see next week:

  • oh god

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