That time I rewrote the lyrics to “Imagine”

These days if you compare something IRL to YA dystopia it’s probably because Donald Trump and his supporters are busy making their plots seem somewhat likely to unfold in our lifetimes.

Or Planet of the Apes:

But once, before this mess, when the GOP was just nominating regular regressive white men with their regular promises of racist misogynistic bigoted xenophobic policies, I thought it would be funny to mock John Lennon’s Imagine using dystopian YA because why not.

Imagine we lived in the world from The Giver
It isn’t hard to do
There was a book about it
A stupid movie, too.

Imagine all the people
Remedying conflicts that arise from culturally-sanctioned bigotry towards those who are otherized by erasing everyone’s ability to recognize differences in the first place

(Yooooou) you may say that I’m a loser
Because the book was arguing against that
But I think the best way to solve problems is to tell people to not have different beliefs than me
Then the world can live as one

(Also I am President Snow)

Catchy AF.

❤ erm.

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