The Almost Lack of a Post about Moana (but still a bit spoilery maybe)

So I’m fresh from seeing Moana and my thoughts are ungathered. Mostly I recall a very large, very talkative group of kids saying things like, “Lightning McQueen dies!” and in response to that add that’s like, “Come see Moana on November 23,” one kid said, very scathingly, “That was yesterday,” and “Is he attracted to it?” and, “That’s what happens when you pee in water,” and “What happened to that lava guy?” and “He learned how to turn into animals, it was cool,” and “That was the best movie ever!” and “I have to use the washroom,” right at the super emotional quiet part.


To be clear, kids should see kids movies. (<< What do you think, most redundant statement of the century?) And kids being excited enough to loudly discuss things as they watch is nice. But the occasional, gentle, parental reminder to keep it to whispers at least would be nice.

In this case it was a party, so there wasn’t anyone to blame. And they made us laugh.

Also marring my thought process in a less charming way is an impromptu argument I had over Facebook with a barely-acquaintance/relative that started with me gently challenging his vitriol about safe spaces and ended (so far) with me gently challenging his non-backed up claim that most campus rape cases are just about the accusers regretting sex. We had another argument a week and a half ago about acknowledging racism in Trump’s win (he would not) in which he implied that I am a spoiled, arrogant elite, contemptuously implying that he is a racist because I don’t know what the real world is. I did of course tell him what I make hourly. And then I said something about Hitler. It wasn’t my best moment on social media, is what I’m saying.

Usually I just ignore his posts (three blocked him years ago, around that time he was being so deliberately obtuse that he implied our dad raped our mom. Yeah.) but I’m trying this new thing where I call people out on their stupidity. Gently, so that they might learn something.

Palate-cleansing Gramma Tala clip:

So, the things I really liked:

  • yes please to Disney highlighting a culture and giving it some major visibility and very good protagonists
  • as above to Disney referencing Disney. I drew parallels to The Little Mermaid, The Lion KingMulanTangled, and Frozen so far (and all of those are winners, if you didn’t know that already)
  • omg I can write a blog now about multiple romance-less ladies ELSA! MERIDA! STAND BY!
  • so much emphasis on Moana being a child, which I love! Especially for women of colour, who tend to lose the societal protection being a child grants them far too early. We’ve seen this happen before our eyes once or twice, and also of course in the news
  • the music is of course excellent
  • Heihei and Pua. I wish Pua had gone with them though. He could have looked out for Heihei (the ocean seemed to be at the end of its rope)
  • The part where Moana ends a very beautiful reprise by seizing her identity was the standout moment for both three and I (y’know. Apart from the kids). “I am Moana!” That was so important for a movie focused on cultural identity, but it’s a new development (maybe?) for Disney princesses. Disney/Pixar princesses might have done this a bit already but we’ll have to look into that
  • Gramma Tala (everything needs more grandparents)

So that’s it for the princesses for now. But oh hey, did you see the new Pocket Princesses? Go look, go look! My favourite makes a cameo and it made my day.

5 thoughts on “The Almost Lack of a Post about Moana (but still a bit spoilery maybe)

  1. So glad you guys enjoyed the film. Like you, I need to see it (y’know, several more times) to drink it all in.

    I was quite surprised by the lack of Pua. I kept expected him to appear on the boat, as he was so prominent in the marketing. I kinda love your idea that he could have looked out for Hei Hei. That’s adorable and I want a comic based entirely around it!

    Totally agree on the Frozen, Mulan, and TLM parallels. Lin Manuel Miranda clearly loves that latter. Intrigued by the Lion King and Tangled paralells. Would love to read more from you guys on that.

    (PS. Did you spot the Frozen reference? And please tell me you stayed for the post-credit sting!)

    Ooooh ooooh ooooh – and have you read Amy Mebberson’s Disney Princess comic. Honestly, it’s the best thing ever!! 🙂


      1. Seek it out. You’ll absolutely love it. If you can’t find it in Canada and really want to check it out, let me know. I’ll send you a copy of an issue 🙂

        Frozen reference: one of the times when Maui’s struggling to shapeshift and goes through many different identities, one is Sven 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. you captured everything perfectly!!! I loved this movie, the colours and everything!!!

    I have written a piece of my own on the movie…. would love it if you could read it and give me your thoughts 😁


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