(why is this so funny)

The Bee Movie is back. So I didn’t know this until just a few days ago, but apparently there was a meme where someone would comment on a post, but their comment would just be the entire screenplay of Bee Movie. I’m pretty disappointed that I never ran into that organically throughout my internet travels because that is just the kind of absurdity that would have made me laugh for hours.

Thankfully, my Youtube recommendations sent me to this whole new world of Bee Movie absurdity, and here are my favourites. I can’t help but share them, in case someone is out there who doesn’t see these as a complete waste of time.









People are getting existential. Now here are all of the variations on the Bee Movie trailer.




I just.

I have never seen Bee Movie and I never will. But this is making me laugh, so, cool.

(Something way more important: link.)

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