Yesterday was scary but my job helped, or, here, look at pictures of animals

All right. Well. If you’re like me, you’re kind of scared and you don’t know what to do, because somehow someone who has no business tying his own shoes is president and he’s surrounded by people who might actually be capital E evil, and things seem, surprisingly, a lot worse than they already did.

I don’t know what to do. But yesterday was my Friday, so I was at work, and that helped. I cater to animals’ needs at the shelter, so all day I had a purpose and I got to take care of cute things (and one really angry, mangey, bitey cute thing but that’s OK too). It wasn’t even a good day. Like I’m pretty sure one of our dogs died. Last I heard he was in intensive care not improving. So.

But still. And it’s all I’ve got to share, so here are some pictures I’ve taken over the years. Enjoy, if you can.


This one gives the best hugs.


I don’t really know why such a thing as this exists, but I’m certainly not complaining.


Making himself useful by putting his fur on all of the clean bedding, thanks partner.


I always thought it was funny when they’d sit up there together like that.


This was a gigantic bunny and was in rough shape. And there were ten of them in one (tiny) room. The morning after they arrived I was the one assigned to cleaning them all, so when I went in, not knowing what to expect, all of these GIGANTIC rabbits were all thumping, which is a sign of pure rabbit rage. It was the most intimidating thing I’ve ever experienced.


This blurry picture of these fuzzballs.


Fostering kittens is the best.


This gentle giant named Scooby really wanted to be a lap dog. It was painful.


Friendly guy.


The true purpose of kiddie pools is for puppy-whelping.


This is when a puppy is at its best: barely mobile and more or less clean. And doesn’t have teeth yet.


Those blue eyes though.


Chili’s (Chili is, unwisely, mine) twin sisters.


Romeo was at large for at least a month. This was the first day I was allowed to walk him.


It’s almost time for itty bitty season. Which is both cute and the worst thing to ever happen, ever. Kittens. Man.


She wasn’t at the shelter but she’s cute.


Paisley and Nigel, unconcerned about the decorative spiders they’re sharing space with. (She would later give him calici.)


True story: once I was too lazy to move this xpen aside to get a toy I needed to clean, so I just tried to bend myself over the gate to grab it. In my defense, I’m reasonably tall, and I didn’t want to go in there because there were eight of these and they’d converge four to a leg and bite my scrub pants. Anyway. I wasn’t tall enough, and I fell head first into the pen with them.

Luckily they were too shocked to bite my pants. Also somehow I didn’t die, or even get injured at all.


They were cute and all but I hope we don’t get more.


And we leave off with a fundraiser photoshoot that I snuck up on for a picture of my own. These guys were left in a park.

Anyway. I’ll be back at work on Sunday, and until then, this’ll have to keep me distracted.

Of course, they could start trying to impeach him, too. That would help.

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