30 Days of Avatar: Friendship

Week 4: Relationships in Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra

Day 10: Friendship in Avatar Land
Day 11: Teen Romance in Avatar Land
Day 12: Siblings in Avatar Land


All screenshots from Avatar Spirit.

All this one spoils are some of the hugs and the plot of “The Runaway.”

That hug is nice because with everything that’s happened between those two, they really shouldn’t even be speaking. Good for them.

This hug is nice because it’s Bolin. ❤

“All right, we love each other.”

All of the hugging might lead you to believe that friendship is all super easy in Avatar Land, but no.

A greatest hit is in “Runaway,” in which Katara gets mad at Toph for pulling a lot of scams and Toph gets mad right back because Katara isn’t her mother and should mind her own business.

So Sokka and Aang come up with a brilliant scheme to write Katara a letter of apology and pretend that Toph wrote it.

brilliant plan

Brilliant, boys.

Of course, Toph is blind, so that doesn’t work.

What does work is Sokka’s actual brilliant plan to say very nice things about Katara and her motherly ways with Toph above the pool Katara is bathing in.

Another greatest hit would be the entire episode “The Chase.” Just watch it.

It seems to us that kids’ TV is really exceptionally good at portraying good, healthy, difficult friendships and making sure the audience knows how valuable they are, which is always great. Avatar is no exception AND IT IS GREAT. The Gaang and Team Avatar forever!

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