30 Days of Avatar: Zuko Angst

Week 5: Miscellaneous

Some people might leave miscellaneous for the end, or for right before the end, but not us. This week is a few odds and ends that didn’t fit anywhere else.

Day 13: Cactus Juice
Day 14: Zuko Angst
Day 15: The Music

Day 14 is for Zuko, who, while he is neither tiny nor cute, is certainly still angst-ridden.

All screenshots from Avatar Spirit.


Oh, Zuko.

Book 1 Zuzu Angst

Book 1 is all about capturing the Avatar. But Aang, despite not being a 112 year old ancient wisdom of an airbender, still proves pretty evasive. Since Zuko’s honour rests on capturing him, that presents something of a conflict.

Greatest Hits:

  • That Fade from Portrait of a Sweet Summer Child to Scarred Bitter Determined Teenager Tho
  • Leave Me Alone, Uncle (You’re Just a Lazy, Mistrustful, Shallow Old Man Who’s Always Been Jealous of His Brother) (technically that last part is Book 2 Zuzu but he still had that hair and it was so Book 1 Zuzu attitude to say that anyway)
  • Ouch, I Got Hit With a Boomerang
  • My Father Says She was Born Lucky; He Says I was Lucky to Be Born

Book 2 Zuzu Angst

Book 2 is all about trying to achieve his destiny but not really being able to anymore because being a refugee makes it kind of hard to track down the Avatar.

Greatest Hits:

  • Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Berating the Sky for Not Striking Me With Lightning (when the universe has never held back before)
  • Crying Softly in a Thunderstorm (because I didn’t get struck by lightning)
  • LEAVE!
  • I Make Good Choices and Stuff

Book 3 Zuzu Angst

Book 3 is all about that exquisite pain of redemption. We feel you, Zuzu.

Greatest Hits (not pictured):

  • That Food was for My Cranky Girlfriend!
  • I Guess I’m not Very Good at Impressions
  • NOOOOOOOO! (you’re cheating on our Agni Kai? YOU?)


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