30 Days of Avatar: The Music of Avatar Land

Week 5: Miscellaneous

Some people might leave miscellaneous for the end, or for right before the end, but not us. This week is a few odds and ends that didn’t fit anywhere else.

Day 13: Cactus Juice
Day 14: Zuko Angst
Day 15: The Music

Day 15 is for the music, which is beautiful, sometimes funny, and often heart wrenching.

Literally all this post is is videos of songs from the soundtrack punctuated with variations on “omg good music!!!1”

All screenshots from Avatar Spirit.

Three’s favourite from Avatar: The Last Airbender soundtrack is “Safe Return:”

This is a very pretty song, and it’s always nice to hear it at the end of an episode. On the other hand, a longer, even prettier version exists and it’s called “The Avatar’s Love:”

Erm’s favourite is “Last Agni Kai:”

But don’t we all love the song that plays over the credits:

Not that Korra slacks. Here’s one guy doing a nice, soothing Korra arrangement:

And a pretty impressive song from Book 4:

It’s so good at making you feel the danger.

But there are two from The Last Airbender that we still have to give special attention to.

One is the secret tunnel song:

Two lovers, forbidden from one another…….. you know the words.

What is there to say, even, except, here, listen to the secret tunnel song again?

And then there’s this one.

And all there really is to say about this is that it makes all Avatar fans tear bend.

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