30 Days of Avatar: June (and Nyla) Party

Week 6: Dangerous Ladies Parties

Day 16: June (and Nyla) Party
Day 17: Ty Lee Party
Day 18: Mai Party

Day 16 is for the best bounty hunter (and giant bloodhound mole) the world has ever known.

All screenshots from Avatar Spirit.

June first appears when Zuko commissions her to track Aang using Katara’s lost necklace. Because she’s terrifying and amazing, Iroh has a huge #womancrushwednesday on her.

And then someone made this video to Ke$ha’s “Dinosaur”, so…

I am so glad that this video exists

Iroh basically sums up our feelings. June is dangerous, always gets hers (her money, that is), and never takes a clear side even when she returns at the end of the series. It’s not often that women are allowed to be unredeemed badass questionably-conscienced characters (except in Avatar, that is).

Meanwhile, Appa and Nyla have an epic monster battle. Luckily, they work things out by the end of the series.




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