Episode 1: Dragonstone

Annnnd we’re back.


Well. This episode made me want book 6 again. Because man is this stuff weak so far.

I’m sure it will get tighter as the season progresses but didn’t they condense it to seven episodes so that more things would happen in each episode?

Good things:

  • The Sansa and Jon stuff is perfect. Perfect. Starks in one place good. Give me more Starks at Winterfell. More Jon and Sansa scenes. All of the Jon and Sansa scenes.
  • Sansa mocking Littlefinger and openly rolling her eyes at him GIVE ME THAT ALL DAY
  • Lady Mormont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She doesn’t NEED your permission! Someone make her the Queen in the North!
  • Jon being sort of a feminist but not really
  • The Hound redemption arc is beginning YESSSS.
  • Arya makin’ friends with the purest Lan soldiers in the universe

Not so good things:

  • Jorah fucking Mormont is going to live, isn’t he.
  • Euron can shut up forever thanks.
  • Jaime needs to bail and isn’t bailing, so.
  • Dany just walked around omg Dany DO SOMETHING ALREADY
  • Sam is as bored of his plotline as I am and it makes him as nauseous as Tormund continuously sexually harassing Brienne and the show expecting us to love it and people generally loving it makes me
  • Sansa said Robb and Ned made stupid mistakes and, look, sort of, but really they were just trying to do the right thing and being basically decent to other people and expecting basic decency in return and instead getting an ax or a knife because the people nearby were worthless garbage opportunists who have all died by now because of how garbage and worthless and NOT HAVING THE FORESIGHT TO SEE THAT THEIR GARBAGE WORTHLESSNESS WOULD ONE DAY GET THEM KILLED is not the only reason that those two are dead. And if this season doesn’t grant Sansa some less cynical, less Cerseiesque, less Littlefingeresque perspective on that stuff I will be SO MAD.

Book 6 where are you.

PS: the featured image will be a direwolf each week because even though the show doesn’t want to use them properly they’re the real draw to this narrative so whatever.

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