30 Days of Avatar: The Library

Week 9: The Horrors of Avatar Land

Day 25: Ko, the Face Stealer
Day 26: The Library
Day 27: The Puppetmaster

Day 26 is for the most horrifying all-knowing owl spirit of them all.

All screenshots from Avatar Spirit.

Here is Wan Shi Tong, the library guardian.


Barn owls are terrifying (unless it’s Errol, but he is a rare exception). It makes sense that the creators of Avatar used a terrifying barn owlesque owl spirit to be the guardian of a vast, overwhelming library, bursting with knowledge, because owls represent wisdom, and barn owls represent terror.

Do not use Wan Shi Tong’s collection of knowledge for developing military tactics. He is violently opposed to using knowledge for violence. Unless it’s to protect his knowledge from being misused, of course.





His look is great, but his creepy, somewhat detached jerk-professor voice (he’s played by Héctor Elizondo who is perfect) really brings this character together so that he can haunt our nightmares forever and always.

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