30 Days of Avatar: The Puppetmaster

Week 9: The Horrors of Avatar Land

Day 25: Ko, the Face Stealer
Day 26: The Library
Day 27: The Puppetmaster

Day 27 is for water bending no longer being pretty, flowy, and fun. NOPE.

All screenshots from Avatar Spirit.

This is Hama.


This is the Gaang’s first reaction to Hama’s walking out of the woods and into their midst.


It’s played off as an overreaction. After all, Hama, though she lives in a Fire Nation town, is originally from the Southern Water Tribe. She’s the only other water bender from the south that Katara has ever met. She was stolen from the tribe and imprisoned by the Fire Nation as they tried to deplete the south’s ability to fight back. And, she takes in the kids for a time and feeds them traditional Southern Water Tribe food.

However, their first reaction to her turns out to be the most correct reaction anyone could have at finding themselves in the woods with Hama.

Her story is intriguing and tragic, and partly this is because of how her experience as changed her.


She is so bitter and full of hatred for the Fire Nation that she will do whatever violence she can, even against innocent people, to revenge herself. And as it turns out, she’s capable of a lot of violence.

She learned how to bloodbend while in prison.

Here’s Hama bloodbending Katara, when Katara refuses to use the technique.


And while Katara can get away from her, Hama is crafty and manages to force Katara into needing to bloodbend to save Aang and Sokka.


And as she’s being led away back to prison, she laughs, because her work is done. She has passed on her legacy to the only other Southern Tribe waterbender there is.


Hama is terrifying. That is all.

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