That One Quiet Moment in The Last Jedi


This is a short one.

Also Merry Christmas and/or happy December 25th!!!! ❤

There are a bunch of quiet moments in The Last Jedi, and I know, because my sister was sitting next to me digging in a bag of popcorn during almost all of them so it was hard not to notice. Most of them are when Rey is talking to Luke or Kylo.

But there’s one quiet moment that’s also a huge epic action moment, and that’s where Vice Admiral Holdo drives her ship, at light speed, through the First Order.

So I was sitting there, making my impressed face,


looking at the silent aftermath, and because it’s so quiet I heard a few kids, all over the theatre, one by one, in hushed tones, go, “Whoa.” It was kind of like, after the first one spoke up, the other few had to answer, or maybe they were just all compelled to go “Whoa” at various times.

What was already a really cool moment became even cooler because of those few kids and their pure reactions.

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