The Most Dramatic Dog Rescue Ever

I recently remembered the absolute best, most dramatic dog rescue story from work ever, and here it is, in blog form.

I was minding my own business at work, working, and then glancing at our new dog that day, a small, elderly, Scottish terrier crossed with x, y, or z. She was quiet and seemed a little sad.

My coworker materialized behind me and said, “OH MY GOD, DID YOU HEAR THE STORY OF THAT DOG?”

I said, “… no?”

So she launched into it. A woman was jogging along, as you do, when she spotted a dog dangling like Mufasa from a balcony just above her.

She stopped and called us, because the dog was too far up for her to just grab. We were sending someone out to help the dog, but obviously she wasn’t going to be able to dangle there for fifteen minutes, so, thankfully, the good Samaritan stayed. And caught the dog, when she fell just minutes after the woman hung up the phone.

She couldn’t get into the apartment to return the dog and there was no one around to help, so she brought the dog to us for the owners to pick up.

The dog was blind and deaf. When the owners arrived to pick her up, they were horrified. They hadn’t realized that she had slipped quietly out the door onto the balcony. So then she was just stuck out there, with limited senses to figure out what was even going on, and she was small enough to slip through the rails, which she did, almost falling, and it probably would have been to her death.

So, hey, if you spot someone in distress, that’s your chance, I guess, to be a complete and utter superhero. I hope that lady is having an excellent day today.

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