(why is this so funny), Part 2

Please watch this video.


I’m at a loss.

I can’t stop laughing.

Why though.



Well, partly it’s because of the guy in hysterics in the voice over. That definitely helps. Even the guy who conceived of doing this video can’t stop laughing, and it just adds to the overall absurdity of it all.

But the other part is just that Bee Movie thing.

Bee Movie.

They couldn’t even come up with a name for their movie, in the end. After all the hard work, after getting big name actors and comedians to do the voice acting, after the excruciating animation process itself, they were like, “Uh, well, uh, it’s a movie… about a bee…”

Maybe they’d always intended to call it Bee Movie, though. I don’t know. I also don’t care. I’ve watched the trailer multiple times in multiple variations, I’ve watched Bee Movie in its entirety (though it got faster every time they said “bee”) and I’ve read the premise of the film, and I’ve also read Hive for the Honeybee which is likely out of print right now but it’s an amazing existentialist book about bees and that’s the movie they should have made. My point is that I don’t even have to watch Bee Movie. I don’t need that negativity, the negativity of a woman on a date with the bee she’s in love with thoughtlessly killing a mosquito and then both of them laughing about it even though the event that brought them together in the first place was her saving him from being killed by a human because “Why does his life have any less value than yours,” in my life.

Instead, I’ll take various internet denizens’ offerings, which have thankfully injected Bee Movie with some much-needed value. A reason for even existing, shall we say.

This is part 2 of the other thing I posted. Half of those videos were scrubbed from Youtube because of Dreamworks and copyright law. Damn it, Dreamworks. You’re killing my buzz.


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