A brief thing about the new teaser

All right, this ^^ is out.

Fair warning, I have nothing worthwhile to say about this, except that like everyone else who watched it, I’m very excited.

All I’ve got is that while I love this (I LOVE this), I do hope my best girls, and my best guy, and my best snow-guy, and my best reindeer, have some… good times, too.

Also I hope they overcome everything that has come their way.

My one wish is that someone edits Frozen so that we can see what a trailer for that movie in this style would look like. I enjoyed the Olaf vs Sven teaser they put out at the time, but just for comparison’s sake I’d like to see it.

Here are my suggestions:

  • you’d need, for the beginning, long shots of Elsa doing things with her powers. I think the only thing that would work would be the parts where she’s in chains near the end
  • I’ve got nothing for the colourful ice diamond part
  • Anna running after her sister and falling, the first time Elsa uses her powers publicly
  • Kristoff determinedly rides Sven in Frozen twice, so, pick one
  • For Anna being sad and then jumping, some mixture of the Marshmallow fight, and maybe at the end where she’s freezing. Or just the Marshmallow fight
  • Elsa attacking the guards and/or running from the chandelier
  • in place of the new characters, maybe just the crowd dealing with snow, or Arendell freezing
  • Then for the hard stare, um, Elsa building her castle?
  • And for the very end, I’d have Anna punching Hans, but that doesn’t really work. But since spoilers (and also a clear narrative) don’t matter here, maybe Anna freezing/saving Elsa

Now, yeah, that wouldn’t make any sense. But if you’d never seen the movie (and also you weren’t planning to, because this would be a huge spoiler fest), it would at least be a lot of cool imagery. And it might suggest some other storyline that could make sense.

Anyway, I hope someone does it.

In the meantime I’ll just watch this one again.

That said, happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

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