Unicorn Store Suits

*spoilers, but only for some of what people wear in Unicorn Store*

Why hello.

Today three (three copy) told me (erm) that her fiance hasn’t picked a suit yet for their wedding, and happily I had just watched Unicorn Store – which is delightful, by the way – so, I had some suggestions.

sam jackson unicorn store 4

Now, this orange one is pretty great, but it could almost pass for an everyday suit.

I don’t actually know. I know nothing about suits. The tinsel in his hair really brings it together though.

sam jackson unicorn store 1

From this angle, maybe it isn’t tinsel. Some sort of artistic spider-web imitation? Silly string?

In any case, this one is also almost everyday wear. And there’s even a boutonniere, so, it’s extra perfect.

sam jackson unicorn store 2

I like this one a lot.

None of these are actually any of their colours, but that’s OK.

brie larson unicorn store 3

Kit’s suit during this part was awesome, as was the overcoat which is probably going to be the winner:

brie larson unicorn store

Everything Kit wears is a winner of course, but we need formal wear, and her tie dye pyjamas just won’t cut it for a wedding.

I think in the end, he’ll go for something more ordinary, but splashy colours and glitter sparkles should be more of a thing in men’s fashion, just generally. And generally, glittery green suits should be more of a thing in women’s fashion.

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