Don’t even think about the leech tank

And now is season 2.

The Curse of Cornelius Sigan

Half of this episode is Ragetti’s overly elaborate plan to ruin Merlin’s career for a day so that he can steal a key to grave rob. Arthur pretends not to enjoy the two men fighting over him.

Then Merlin makes a deal with the dragon reluctantly and saves Camelot. Arthur and Gwen share a few awkward moments.

Morgana has sweet moments with Gwen and Gaius, except I’m pretty sure that for all his good intentions, Gaius is legit gaslighting Morgana, which is not great.

It’s action-packed and character driven. Both at once. Difficult to explain. I liked it.

The Once and Future Queen

This is the episode I am most familiar with. Arthur is sad because his knights are letting him win. Gwen has to sleep on sacks of what I imagine are potatoes. Arthur is a terrible house guest. Those two previous statements are related. There is some comedy with a dead chicken which I do not appreciate.

Also, there’s an assassin after Arthur. But Gwen is the real Arthur-murderer in this episode, when she finally snaps and tells him how rude he is, and he listens to her.

Perhaps this is a major turning point in his character. I can’t remember if at least some of his arrogance really does dissipate from this point on, but if so, I’ll catch it, and will be highly impressed.

I also like when Merlin snaps.

The Nightmare Begins

This is an apt title for the nonsense of Morgana’s turning to evil subplot, which supposedly begins in this episode.

There are giant scorpions in the woods for some reason. Mordred saves Morgana. Well gee, aren’t we glad we saved him from a child-executioner and general tyrant a little while ago?

Merlin and Gaius acknowledge that being a sorcerer with zero guidance in an intolerant house and community is extremely difficult, and then seem to commit to continuing to allow Morgana to be a sorcerer without any support. At least, it isn’t brought up again. Cool, guys.

She gets support with the Druids. She tries to abscond with them but is captured while Mordred escapes again.


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