A Brief Frozen 2 Thought

Spoilers. Big ones.

So I loved it. I have no complaints. I have heard a few complaints around town that I understand, but at present (which is a good four or five days since I’ve seen it) I’m not feeling complainy at all. I got to see a Frozen sequel, it was good, it seems extremely likely that there will be at least two more that will probably be just as good – I am the epitome of satisfaction.

My only thing that took me a little bit out of it was at the end, so yeah this is a huge spoiler, when Kristoff finally proposes, and while I thought, “oh good, he did want to do that the whole time, didn’t he,” I was also like Harry in Deathly Hallows with my, “but is this really the time?”

It’s about 30 seconds after Anna finds out Elsa isn’t dead, and also that Arendelle isn’t destroyed. The only thing that stops it from being actually bad is that Anna is doing this comedy relief/happy crying thing, which just keeps intensifying as each new good thing happens. Still though, could he not have waited until that night or something?

“NO BECAUSE THE WHOLE POINT WAS THAT HE KEPT GETTING INTERRUPTED AND OVERTHINKING IT OR WHATEVER SO IT HAD TO JUST HAPPEN, EVEN IF THE TIMING WAS WEIRD, BECAUSE THAT’S PRETTY MUCH WHAT HE SAID HE HAD TO DO IN HIS PART OF ‘SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE’ SO WHATEVER” … says the rabid Frozen fan within me. Whatever. I’m sure once I’ve watched it a bazillion times I’ll have a more structured, nuanced, useful opinion on the pacing and interconnection of all of the subplots, but right now I just loved it and am happy to have loved it.

AND OLAF HAD SO MANY GOOD JOKES. I didn’t think they could top “I don’t have a skull,” but, they did!

AND ANNA IS STILL QUEEN OF MY HEART. “The Next Right Thing.” I didn’t see it coming. And I thought “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” was the only song I could never listen to without crying.

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