Things I’ve Seen so far during the pandemic

1. I watched all of Breaking Bad. And El Camino.

I had been avoiding this show religiously. I heard it was good, and I didn’t doubt it – I just thought it would be like Wolf of Wall Street but an entire 5 seasons of 7-16 Wolf of Wall Streets per season and I didn’t think I’d have the energy for that.

It is, kind of, like Wolf of Wall Street. The difference as far as I can tell is that Wolf was a little bit sneaky about how it felt about its characters and the choices they were making. Breaking Bad is blunt.

The teddy bear eye. Tio Hector’s bell dinging. The many, many times Walt is shown in shadows or behind blinds so that it looks like he’s in a cage. That time Walt says, “You know, Jesse, actions have consequences. You can’t just make choices and expect to never have to face them” – or something like that. And oh, how I laughed.

I hated Walt so much. I understood what he was going for and on a few occasions I was rooting for him, but man, he sucked. And he kept getting worse. But what a cathartic experience when, unlike in the real world, apparently, he did absolutely have to pay for his consistently horrible choices. The time I liked him best was when he finally said something true about his motivations to Skylar instead of bullshitting her to the very end like I thought he would. That felt good.

I liked that everything set up had payoff. Some of it built slowly, other stuff had immediate consequences (that first episode of Better Call Saul might have done the immediate consequences thing best though).  I forgot that television could be like this, what with Game of Thrones and its nonsensical wrap-up intended mostly to shock instead of truly develop characters. Also A Song of Ice and Fire isn’t blameless, for the sheer volume of things set up that are never payed off.

Anyway you don’t need me to tell you it’s good because you’ve probably seen it. But it’s good.

2. Everyone is irritable.

This is to be expected.

3. A lady was taking a picture of her majestic dog on a walk.

On the way home from a failed-because-too-crowded grocery trip, I saw a very majestic German Shepherd was posing in a seated position, ears going all the way up into the sky, while their walker crouched and got pictures at good angles. It was cute.

4. A mallard in someone’s swimming pool.

I was on a trail and heard quacking. I looked up, thinking it was flying overhead, but no, he was right there in someone’s backyard. Then he got into the pool.

5. Some racism on an animal rights Facebook page.

Typical – I’ve seen it before, I’ll see it again. This time I said something. It wasn’t the actual group doing the racism, it was just in the comments. One literally used the word “race;” they were all talking about how Chinese people are “barbaric” which is also a word multiple comments literally used. I added my own comment asking the group to delete the racism. Not sure if they did, because for my own sanity I muted my comment.

I don’t know why it’s such a difficult concept: you can advocate for animal rights without being racist.

6. At least one person who thinks maybe this virus is because of the terrorists.

This was not on Twitter, this was real life. And I could not escape the conversation.

7. People still posting things on social media that imply this “isn’t a big deal.”

It is already a big deal. It will be less of a bigger deal later if we all make sacrifices now. But no one needs me to say that, we have all been told.


I don’t know who this guy was talking to or why he was yelling but the whole store could hear him.

9. I watched all of The Vietnam War documentary.

It took a lot out of me. The number of times I heard “10 000 were killed” or “5000 were killed” and so on was staggering. The gall of American presidents and their advisers. Nixon was breathtakingly evil of course, but Johnson was so frustrating. So too the American people, every time they voted for Nixon, and the time 79% of them felt the National Guard was right to shoot (and kill) unarmed students, protesters or not.

It was hard to feel any positivity towards humanity afterwards. The only saving grace is that most people now seem to realize what a colossal mistake it was, but that doesn’t unkill any of the people who died.

10. This video.

Mac makes a quarantine better.

11. The dark walls and ceiling while I struggle to actually sleep so that I won’t be bone tired during my long work shifts.


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