Things I’ve seen in the pandemic part 2

People driving like maniacs.

Really want to get into the hospital to see what’s happening for yourself, don’t you. And to take half the road with you. “Best Human in the World” award forthcoming for you, pals.

A bunch of Sonny with a Chance episodes.

I like this strange Disney channel sitcom. The characters are great. It’s often genuinely funny. I don’t understand why there are so many meat references, though. I don’t actually think most sitcoms reference meat as much as this show does. I could be wrong, of course. I’m not a sitcom connoisseur.

Most of the shelter animals getting into foster homes.

Many rescues, and even some shelters, operate majorly through the use of foster homes. We use them for certain cases, like animals with broken limbs that need excessive amounts of time to heal, and kittens, and puppies. In general, though, animals that come to our shelter stay in our shelter until they’re adopted.

But people stepped up, possibly because they have nothing else to do right now, and the shelter is almost a ghost-town. It’s great to know the critters don’t have to wait out the pandemic in their stupid cages.

People still being snippy with grocery store workers.

Guys. Come on. Seize this opportunity to learn and grow as a person in this one respect. It’s just basic human decency and you can’t even manage.

People thanking grocery store workers.

I guess that’s the counterpoint. Hopefully when this is all over, the workers will remember a lot more positivity and professed gratefulness than the jerks being jerks. Also, if essential workers could be paid a fair, actually livable wage, that too would be great.

The Kim Possible episode “Rappin’ Drakken”

I’ve seen a lot of KP episodes, but never “Rappin’ Drakken.” I’d heard the episode title and that alone made me chuckle, but I didn’t really want to actually watch it.

Anyway I have Disney+ access now, so in my scrolling I saw this episode, complete with the summary: “Drakken’s new mind-control shampoo fails to fly off the shelves,” or something along those lines, and I was delighted. The episode itself is similarly delightful. I can’t believe I waited so long to watch it.

Kim Possible holds up, man.

The Kim Possible live-action Disney Channel movie.

I liked it! They had to wait this long to do it, I believe, because they needed CGI tech to improve. Rufus was ADORABLE, where, in years passed, he would have been creepy at best.

I like that Kim got to be more human/teenage girl, complete with flaws and somewhat surprisingly drawn-out despair, than her cartoon superhero self. I do love the cartoon superhero version too, but I like that they gave their new version a real purpose for existing by making her a little more real.

I like that a grandma makes an appearance, too.


Only on the days I have to get up for work! When it’s my weekend, it’s like my body doesn’t know there’s a mode of existence beyond sleep. Way to be, self. Way to be.

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