Watching The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

For the first time!

There’s a lot of old Disney animated (and non-animated) movies I’ve never watched. This one is logged under “Halloween” movies, so let’s go.

I like Sleepy Hollow, I guess. Mr. Toad is the only thing I liked about The Wind in the Willows, so I have high hopes.

The most fabulous character in English literature, you say? Yeah, Mr. Toad seems about right.

And of course, it’s animals acting like old men. Redwall does it better. (Ooooh, Disney’s Redwall. I’d watch that.)

Toad and Cyril the horse’s song is good. “Though the roads are perpendicular.”

I was not prepared for this

So, I’m sorry, am I supposed to be sympathizing with Rat, Mole, and MacBadger? Because I’m not. Except Mole, maybe. He’s cute.

The court case has started, and with all of Mole’s waving and tongue-sticking-out at the prosecutor, I now love him.

My new animated crush.

I don’t actually understand being attracted to animated anthropomorphic animal characters (no, not even the fox Robin Hood). To each their own, of course, but it’s not for me. Though I do have to admit that this Mole guy is a charmer.

Now Cyril is on the stand, interrogated by the prosecutor about where Toad got the car. “The only way a gentlemen gets anything. The honest way.”

“And what is the honest way?”

“Ha ha, I thought you wouldn’t know that, guvnor!”

Roast him, Cyril!

Yeesh, the speciesism re: “deceitful” weasels. I well remember it from Wind. And Redwall, to be fair. The weasels should be allowed to keep Toad Hall and I bet they don’t. It’s a shame.

Ah, you see, the human barman is actually the evil one. Humans are the only species worth distrusting. And the overreaction to Toad’s prison escape is a poignant reminder that the criminal justice system all over the world has been in dire need of reform for a long time.

Oh wow, Toad just almost drowned himself. He is stupid.

WTF is that roast Rat and Mole are eating? That’s not a thing. Neither is MacBadger’s Scottish accent, lol.

Why didn’t they just confirm that the weasels bought Toad Hall? Yeah, the criminal justice system in Wind in the Willows land is bad.

There was an extended action sequence and after that I must say that Toad doesn’t deserve Mole and Rat as friends.

OK that was good. Sleepy Hollow time.

Ichabod is described, rudely.

Some guy named Brom gives a horse and dogs beer. Don’t do that.

And now a song about Ichabod, also rude.

Now this happens:

What. Am I watching.

Katrina’s introductory song is also kind of rude.

And it’s over!

It was bizarre, and entertaining, and it didn’t end like I thought it would. I’m actually surprised to find it’s pretty much loyal to the source material.

Well, that was fun. But I preferred Toad’s part.

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