Round Gobies and the amazingness that is Canadian governance of animals

ermThe last thing I posted was a little essay thing about Round Gobies which I had originally written for my family’s cottage log. When I was done, I posted the new and improved version to my family’s digital cottage log, and there it was commented upon by my brother who really likes to pick things apart.

Okay so I was already a bit annoyed by my lack of decent research, because way back when I said that OFAH were the ones encouraging people to kill Round Gobies. When I tried to go about updating it for a blog post I was unable to find evidence that OFAH had actually ever encouraged such spiteful, useless cruelty. And I was all, “Ooooh, I did so much research, what happened, where’d that post go, did I misunderstand and was it just some commenter?”

ontario goby

Follow the link, page 17. “If you catch a round goby it should be destroyed and not released back into any waters.”

My brother helpfully pointed me to the proof that the Ontario Government DOES actually encourage people to kill Round Gobies if they catch them. So bang goes the theory that I am in any way capable of research, and also of course that the province isn’t bloodthirsty. Continue reading “Round Gobies and the amazingness that is Canadian governance of animals”


In Defense of the Round Goby

ermI wrote this very snarky editorial to add to my family’s Cottage Log, an informal publication which all guests are encouraged to add to each time they visit, a couple of years ago. I had several specific readers in mind while writing it. They have all argued with me pretty much nonstop since, but despite threats of writing answering editorials of their own about how angry a four-inch long fish makes them, my entry remains, triumphant and unchallenged. I’ve edited it just a tad here.

Also note that while I’m accusing OFAH of encouraging people to kill individual fish for basically no productive purpose, at this point in time I can’t find any evidence that OFAH ever actually encouraged that crap. The only people saying you should kill a Goby if you catch one are randoms with blogs, such as myself, although I’m saying the opposite. See the end of this post for more details.

Though some believe that the Ontario Government called for amateur anglers to kill any Round Gobies that they catch, the province has actually encouraged no such thing. It was in fact the OFAH***, the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, who bugled forth this obnoxious call to arms. Let us examine their statement in detail. Continue reading “In Defense of the Round Goby”