Shelter Cats

All of these guys have happily gone home.


Dilbert, one of the few cats I’ve stealth-named, when he was scared and angry. Now he’s not, and adopted.

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Rumour and Riddle

What follows is the story, told in photos, of Rumour and Riddle. They were a pair of wild kittens one of the shelter staff trapped. Riddle was trapped first, then Rumour, but the rest of their siblings and their mom are still out there somewhere.

So these two little guys were not happy with their new life at the shelter, even though they were reunited. I offered to take them home and try to socialize them a bit.

With kittens it’s important to socialize them with humans between their first three to seven weeks of life, otherwise they retain an admittedly healthy deep-seated mistrust of humans. These guys were passed that point when they came to the shelter, but they weren’t beyond all socialization attempts.

They came around like champions. At first, we barely saw Rumour, who was by far the scaredy-cat of the pair. He had decided that it was a perfectly reasonable idea to rip open the lining of the futon in the foster cat room and live in there whenever we came by. So that was fun. Continue reading “Rumour and Riddle”