How to End a Sitcom

Though erm disdains sitcoms and everything they stand for, I, three, love sitcoms. For one thing, they’re familiar – you have the same settings, same characters, and long-term storylines that you feel a connection to. For another thing, you can pick up any episode of a sitcom and watch it at any time, without investing in the whole series. The art of writing a stand-alone episode that fits into a larger puzzle of a season which fits into a mosaic of a series is fascinating to me.

Basically, I watch and rewatch sitcoms because I’m an HSP and I don’t like to be overwhelmed on my downtime.

Having said that, I usually forego the last episodes. Unless I feel like being devastatingly depressed for 3 days.

Though they are emotionally traumatic, series finales tend not to live up to the quality of the rest of the series. They are openly nostalgic about themselves. The writers and cast members have been part of the show for almost a decade, in all four of my examples, and even the best writers don’t seem to be able to write a finale that lives up to a series you might see in another genre. They tie up loose ends because they are too weak not to, and because they know the audience will eat it up anyway.

In this Sitcom Special, I’ll go through the finales of my four favourite sitcoms, for comparison and for fun and also just to annoy my sister. Continue reading “How to End a Sitcom”


QUESTION. Is there firewood on the island?

three copyThis post is brought to you in part by: three

A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

ONE: Box set of A Song of Ice and Fire.

 I chose this over HP because (a) there’s more material and (b) I’ve pretty much got HP memorized anyway.

TWO: A 1,000,000,000-page empty journal.

So I have someone to talk to. And a place to write down my crazy, probably dehydrated thoughts.


Must. Have. Music.

I have no idea how I would have music without some kind of power source, but this game isn’t really about practicality anyway.

FOUR: Ibuprofen. Continue reading “QUESTION. Is there firewood on the island?”