Why do I Feel Guilty About Dietary Restrictions?

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My aunt once described my uncle as such: “He would go to a restaurant and order a steak, and when the waitress brought him a burger, he’d say ‘thank you very much’. Then she’d bring the bill, and it would have a steak on it, and he’d pay and give her a 20% tip.”

I’m not sure if this is a genetic thing, or if it is a thing nurtured in a few members of our family, but erm and I share whatever this trait is, and it kind of sucks.

We’ve always had a horrified fascination with restaurant¬†staff. When they’re friendly, they make us uncomfortable. As soon as they remember our names or orders, we get freaked out and stop visiting the establishment. When they’re rude to us, we tip them anyway, and we shrug it off as “their job sucks, can you blame them?” Then we probably stop visiting the establishment.

Introvertedness? Maybe. Social anxiety? More likely. But also a trait, perhaps the Highly Sensitive trait we both have (and is unusually prevalent in our family types). Continue reading “Why do I Feel Guilty About Dietary Restrictions?”


Vitamin B12 and the Protein Conspiracy

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If you’re a vegetarian/vegan, you’ve probably been asked this question approximately eight million and ten times: “Where do you get your protein?”


If you’re not, allow me to¬†ease your mind: Vegetarians/vegans do not spend all their time hopelessly seeking out sources of protein. Stuff is everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Continue reading “Vitamin B12 and the Protein Conspiracy”

Vegan Chili – The Only Food You Will Ever Need

I could seriously eat chili every day of the week.

Actually, I have done that before, for longer than I care to admit.

Chili was probably the third thing I learned how to cook (after scrambled eggs and pasta). When my parents moved me into my first student house/pit of darkness, they set me up with a nice big pot (which I burnt to a crisp 3 years later) and showed me how to make chili.

I was an omnivore at the time, so I won’t share my family’s super-delicious chili recipe that I learned that day. Instead, I want to share my adapted, vegan version, which I have developed (and continue to develop) every fall and winter since that time in 2011.


Your basic vegan chili. This one uses green peppers, carrots, red kidney, and black beans.

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