Clarice from It Takes Two Appreciation Post

So It Takes Two was one of those movies that happened. Re-mem-ber?


We, being sisters close in age, were fascinated by this movie exactly until The Parent Trap (the Lindsay Lohan version) came out. But we were still loyal enough to it to pick it up on DVD. Rewatching it we discovered that there really isn’t a reason to watch this when you have access to Parent Trap after all. But we do need to talk about Clarice. Whom we ABSOLUTELY ADOOOOOOOOORE.

Clarice is just a horrible person who has embraced her own horribleness and is out to get hers. She’s rude, she’s terrible with children, she wants to send Alyssa off to boarding school, she treats her impending marriage as a competition between a spouse and a daughter over one man’s love, etc. When she learns that her fiancee is interested in another, worthier-because-more-motherly woman, she moves up the wedding to the next day and hilariously runs down the aisle. We love it.

It doesn’t hurt that she’s portrayed by Jane Sibbett in a magnificently over-the-top way, so now that we’re older and wiser we watch this movie almost solely for her scenes.

We’re not really sure how she never learned restraint while living life as a socialite. But it doesn’t matter. Someone’s gotta chew the scenery in this movie and it might as well be the villain.

Less important notes about It Takes Two:

The sloppy joe scene made us want to eat sloppy joes as kids, but we didn’t start eating them until we stopped eating meat, which was probably a smart option.

As much as it’s ridiculous how motherly Diane is portrayed against inexplicably awful Clarice, Kirsty Allen does a very good job playing a warm and caring guardian figure and we can’t say anything against that.


6 thoughts on “Clarice from It Takes Two Appreciation Post

  1. Thank you so much! I was CRAZY OVER THE TOP, right? Not sure why I wasn’t reined in more, but maybe for all the things you say here. Andy Tennant our director was a great encouraging force, so…. while I still groan as I watch a bit I’m glad it delighted you even a little. Peace and thanks!

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