(why is this so funny)

The Bee Movie is back. So I didn’t know this until just a few days ago, but apparently there was a meme where someone would comment on a post, but their comment would just be the entire screenplay of Bee Movie. I’m pretty disappointed that I never ran into that organically throughout my internet travels because that is just the kind of absurdity that would have made me laugh for hours.

Thankfully, my Youtube recommendations sent me to this whole new world of Bee Movie absurdity, and here are my favourites. I can’t help but share them, in case someone is out there who doesn’t see these as a complete waste of time.









People are getting existential. Now here are all of the variations on the Bee Movie trailer.




I just.

I have never seen Bee Movie and I never will. But this is making me laugh, so, cool.

(Something way more important: link.)


Trolls: First Thoughts


So I saw Trolls at lunchtime on opening day and I liked it.

Disclaimer: there is, as you know if you’ve seen the trailers, a bit of crude humour in it. It’s DreamWorks. But as usual, unless it’s Shrek or something, it doesn’t take over the movie and is clearly just there to make the kids laugh, so whatever.

And maybe spoilers.

Factors that probably influence my liking it:

  1. The trailer looked bad. And therefore, low expectations.
  2. Pretty. VERY pretty.
  3. Fun music. I wasn’t expecting it to be mostly original songs, so that was a nice surprise. There were some covers too and it ended up being a good mix.
  4. It’s a story about happiness being a choice, or something someone can help you find if need be.
  5. It’s a story about choosing not to eat sentient beings.
  6. It’s a story about finding happiness without exploiting others to get it.
  7. Poppy’s version of an I Want song is pretty fun and her character gets eaten multiple times as she’s singing it and even that doesn’t slow her down. (Which is the joke. But still.)
  8. Branch.
  9. Whatever that worm thing is that James Corden’s character is always holding.
  10. Emphasis on, “I don’t think, I hope” and “I don’t think, I feel.” Thinking is great and all but with Inside Out and this, it’s nice to see emotional intelligence or morality or whatever it is being valued in kids’ films.
  11. Sincerity.
  12. Someone at DreamWorks is clearly a hopeless romantic, and it’s cute.

Final Note: DreamWorks maybe needs a new marketing department. Unless this movie is ultra successful, I suppose.

❤ erm

Animated Moments that Broke My Cold Dead Heart

three copyI, three, am what Myers-Briggs define as an INTJ – if you aren’t obsessed with personality quizzes, that means I’m utterly out of touch with my emotions. Things that aren’t logical make me uncomfortable. And in my life I’ve only cried over one book – Anne of Green Gables, upon reread.

But we all know that animated TV and movies have a special way of invading your heart and breaking it from the inside out because animators are evil. So here are some of the moments that never fail to completely obliterate me.

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