Animated Moments that Broke My Cold Dead Heart

three copyI, three, am what Myers-Briggs define as an INTJ – if you aren’t obsessed with personality quizzes, that means I’m utterly out of touch with my emotions. Things that aren’t logical make me uncomfortable. And in my life I’ve only cried over one book – Anne of Green Gables, upon reread.

But we all know that animated TV and movies have a special way of invading your heart and breaking it from the inside out because animators are evil. So here are some of the moments that never fail to completely obliterate me.

Aloha ‘Oe: Lilo and Stitch

If you haven’t given this film a second look since childhood, now is the time. (It just hit Canadian Netflix BTW). It will shatter your heart so much worse as an adult.

Aang Loses his Shit: Avatar: the Last Airbender

This is powerful mainly because of the buildup. Aang is, without a doubt, the sweetest character ever written, and we’re not used to him losing his temper. When Appa is stolen, Aang keeps it together as best as he can, but we watch him slowly derail throughout the episode, snapping at his friends and pushing himself to near death in his search. Then we find the sandbenders, and he snaps. And I cry, forever.

Second to this from Airbender would be the moment when they reunite, and I continue crying forever. I can’t find the clip, so you’ve been spared.

Mufasa’s Death: The Lion King

I’m sorry.

Sadness Drives: Inside Out

This movie makes me cry on MANY occasions. (See: Bing Bong, “Take her to the moon for me”.) But this moment is the clear winner, because we’ve been building up to this breakdown for 90 minutes.

The Greatest Gift and Honour: Mulan

WHAT ARE THESE FEELINGS. Why does parental acceptance make me cry hysterically?

Jinora is Anointed: Avatar: Legend of Korra

For me, this is the most powerful moment of Korra. Mainly because I’m an Airbender purist and Jinora is my favourite character. Come on, though, it’s not just me, right?

Do you Want to Build a Snowman: Frozen

I don’t understand why this ended up on Christmas playlists, because the end of this song is a sucker punch right to the gut. Seriously. Do these people not have sisters or what?

Tadashi is Here: Big Hero 6

Baymax, how could you do this to me?

Nemo Egg: Finding Nemo

Ugh. Just stop, Pixar.

Sanctuary: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This is easily up there as one of the most powerful Disney moments ever – this, Simba climbing Pride Rock, and the Emperor of China bowing to Mulan are my personal top 3. Any of those could have a spot on this list, TBH.

Koda Reunites with his Mother: Brother Bear

This entire movie makes me cry on and off, but the moment where Koda and his mom’s spirit reunite just destroys me.

Forbidden Friendship: How to Train Your Dragon

Maybe it’s just because I foster cats, but Toothless melts my heart the same way that Appa does.

There’s No One I’d Rather Be: Wreck-It Ralph

Ralph looking at his medal from Vanellope shatters my cold dead heart.

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