30 Days of Avatar: Su and Lin Party

Week 7: Cool AF Old People Parties

Day 19: Iroh Party
Day 20: Su and Lin Party
Day 21: Tenzin Party

Day 20 is for the badass metal-bending sisters and the badass things they do.

All screenshots from Avatar Spirit.

Su and Lin aren’t as old as Iroh (we… think…) but they’re both gray-haired ladies with very impressive credentials and combat abilities, so they’re getting a party whether they want one or not.

Lin Beifong leaps into danger more times than we can count in Korra. She sacrifices herself to let the airbending family escape, knowing that it probably means she’ll be losing her bending in the process. In Book 3, she volunteers for the job as bait so that Su can take P’li out as she tries to combust her. She and Su dive into the fray of Red Lotus talent in order to scoop the unconscious Korra out. As Meelo says, “That lady is my hero.”

The first time we meet her, this happens:


That… is the best thing in the universe.

She and Korra do begin to grudgingly respect each other without either of them giving up their stubbornness, which we love.

Lin is #TeamNoKids4Eva.


She’s also bound and determined to be the MVP in every battle and she usually succeeds.

That has bonus Korra being awesome, but man is Lin the MVP here.

She’s Republic City’s police chief, taking after her mom, and living and working under this perpetual statue of said mom, who is also the Greatest Earthbender in the World.

toph at police station

Not that her younger sister Su doesn’t have a statue of her mom staring down at her whenever she’s just trying to live and work. In fact, by our count, she has two in Zaofu.

While Lin tries to emulate her mother by following her footsteps into the police force and eventually as the chief, Su does her version by founding an entire city dedicated to perfecting all sorts of specialties, with metal bending being the focus. Lin’s metal benders are cops, Su’s are guards, soldiers, but also dancers and athletes.

su metal dancing

She’s handy (but not 100% handy) with metallic poison.

Su and Lin also differ in how they emulate their mother when it comes to their family life. Lin is a loner forever (although she’s still just a tad bitter about the Tenzin break-up), but Su, who longed for more structure and more emphasis on family while she was growing up, has a gigantic family that she’s extremely overprotective of, sometimes to a fault.

Unsurprisingly, the really impressive stuff happens when all the Beifongs get together to do some serious damage.

The other best thing in the universe, for example, is when Mr. Su didn’t want to try escaping due to his extreme fear of heights, so Lin just kind of tosses him.

That’s what sisters-in-law are for.

And ignore the weird, altered sound for this beautiful moment in which Su, Lin, and Lin’s sons battle Kuvira and her mecha tanks, eventually joined by mama Toph.


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