30 Days of Avatar: Cactus Juice

Week 5: Miscellaneous

Some people might leave miscellaneous for the end, or for right before the end, but not us. This week is a few odds and ends that didn’t fit anywhere else.

Day 13: Cactus Juice
Day 14: Zuko Angst
Day 15: The Music

Day 13 is for cactus juice. It’s the quenchiest.

All screenshots from Avatar Spirit.

It speaks for itself.

OK one thing: “The Desert” is probably the saddest episode of The Last Airbender – there are very sad moments throughout the series, of course, but the whole episode is sweet, gentle Aang lashing out at everyone because Appa’s just been stolen. Sokka drinking cactus juice is exactly the comic relief that we’re desperate for while watching, kind of like how cactus juice is the thirst-quenching drink Sokka is desperate for while he’s stuck in the middle of a desert.

Cactus juice.

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